I like walking around Jersey City.

Whether it's to and from work or home, rushing to get through my errands, or heading to some mode of public transportation, I'm relying on my two feet to get me from Point A to Point B. When I think about it, though, I do most of my walking when I go out for my occasional stroll around the town. Often, there's no agenda, just a general idea of what blocks I want to explore. I've stumbled upon some of my favorite spots in Jersey City by aimlessly wandering around. (However, if you do see me out there with a lost expression on my face, help a girl out.)

One of my recent discoveries was E. Tittlemouse & Co, a "Badass Thrift Boutique + Art Gallery" and my to-go-to place where I can just play dress up in pretty clothes and admire their beautiful collection of  art and vintage pieces. It's truly a gem. As if this store couldn't get any better, they take it up a notch by collaborating with other wonderful local businesses to create unique events at their shop.

My friend and I were lucky enough to grab spots to their event with Milk Sugar Love, maker of deliciously addictive baked goods and ice cream. At the event, Emma Taylor, the sweet genius behind Milk Sugar Love, shared her tips on how to make basic ice cream and magic shell at home. For folks like me who wanted to leave the ice cream making to the pros, Emma also walked us through how to use store-bought ice cream to create delicious treats like cakes and sandwiches by using molds. She even taught the audience "Ice Cream 101" by introducing some basic terminology. (Do you know what a variagate is?)

(Ice Cream) Class is about to begin. 

To top it all off, at the end of the class, Emma was kind enough to give everyone a highly coveted pint of ice cream. I grabbed the Hazelnut Chip (FACT: Hazelnut is my favorite ice cream flavor. So, score!). Surrounded by racks of beautiful clothes at E. Tittlemouse and listening to Emma talk about her passion for ice cream, it was inspiring to see what one can accomplish when they work hard to follow their dreams and do what they love. Tasteful clothing and tasty ice cream - the makings of a delicious event.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I have some more of that Hazelnut Chip to enjoy. No worries. I'll just walk it off later.

E. Tittlemouse & Co. 
246 Bay Street, Jersey City
(201) 434-8949
NOTE: Check out their next event "The Art of Being a Gentleman" this Friday, June 6th. It'll be a night of whiskey, cigars, grooming, fashion, and art!

Milk Sugar Love
Officially making their home at:
19 McWilliams Place, Jersey City
NOTE: For the week of June 2nd, check out where they'll be here for store hours and cart location:

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