Before I fully accept the fact that we're now in March (and still getting more snow...), let's do a recap of the crazy shenanigans from February:

- I met some famous people. Jersey City is becoming THE place to be. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it's well on its way to becoming part of that mythical "across-the-Hudson-6th-borough" where out-of-towners are still confused as to whether they're in NYC or still in NJ. Anyway, it's cool enough for Superbowl players to crash here before the big game and for that guy who played "Ryan the Intern" from the show "The Office" to do a book signing. God, rent will probably increase by April.

Cliff Avril - Seattle Seahawk, Superbowl Champ, My New BFF

BJ Novak - Big Fan of My Glasses. He REALLY liked them.

- Teeth were pulled out of my mouth. See previous post. Don't let this happen to you.

- I fell in love on Valentine's Day...with the TV show "House of Cards". The following week, Robin Wright walked right passed me at MarkJoseph Steakhouse in NYC. I also got this coupon for free bacon on my next visit. #winning
Great Marketing

I ate out a lot. I did not heed the advice of my oral surgeon, who recommended that I go easy with the solid foods. That was asking way too much of me. Here's a sampling of the places where you may have seen me try to eat mainly with my two front teeth:
- Maloney and Porcelli (Steakhouse, NYC): Go for the "Unlimited Wine Dinner". That's right - UNLIMITED. (Yes, both unlimited wine dinner AND bottomless brunch are legal in NYC.)
- Light Horse Tavern (American, JC): If there was one liquid food item that I thoroughly enjoyed in February, it was the parsnip soup at Light Horse Tavern.
- MarkJoseph (Steakhouse, NYC): Yes, I ate a good deal of steak this month. Do yourself a favor and order the Canadian bacon as an appetizer.
- Sam A.M. (Breakfast/Brunch, JC): I go here for the delicious homemade doughnuts, the sense of community, and the cute eye candy working behind the counter. #callmemaybe

Let's see what March Madness has in store. It better not be more snow.

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