My to-do lists usually have nothing productive on them. Here are all the things I REALLY wanna do.

1.) Celebrate National Cookie Day (Dec. 4th) -  I didn't realize that cookies get their own day today! Obviously, that's because everyday is "National Cookie Day" in my heart. Duh. Excuse me as I go raid my pantry and "celebrate" (i.e. mindlessly nosh on leftover Oreos).

2.) Eat Snowballs - Yes, you read that right. I'm gonna eat snowballs, which based on the UTZ Snacks company are actually cheese balls covered in white cheddar goodness.

Tonight's Dinner

3.) Get some holiday shopping done at Project: Market - I'm starting to become a big fan of my new hometown - Jersey City. As a result, I'm definitely a supporter of all the local events happening in the area. This will be the first "Project: Market" hosted by Yelp and the Jersey City Project. Handmade wares to buy, live entertainment, and gourmet food trucks/vendors. I'm there. (

NOTE: I'll have you know that, unlike some to-do lists, I actually get this stuff done on this type of list. Laundry can wait another day.

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