Foodie/Social Experiment #1: Bake cookies. Introduce yourself to neighbors. Identify whether they are psychotic murderers.

I had a whole roll of cookie dough just waiting to be baked (or carelessly eaten straight from the wrapper). However, with the holidays here and the realization that I've barely said "hello" to my neighbors after 6 months of living in my apartment, guilt kicked in. Cookies solve everything, right? (Someone should tell this to the President.) 

So, I made the whole roll. I didn't eat a single cookie. Scout's honor.

Cookies ready for plating. 

Ta Da! 

I was nervous. Here, I was - some random stranger about to ring my neighbor's doorbell to introduce myself and hand over pre-made cookies. What if this becomes awkward? What if they don't like chocolate chip cookies? (Wait, who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? If this were the case, they must be evil.) I can happily report that my neighbors do like cookies and were kind enough to invite me in for tea. Yes, I went in...and I'm still alive. We talked about Jersey City, mice in the apartment building, and volunteer opportunities in the community. I even got a hug.

I'm gonna do more of this foodie/social experimenting. More cookie baking, definitely. 

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