Last night, I was kidding. I was sitting on the stairs, joking with Samantha about how we should all "Eat and Be Mary" as my mind was saturated in food coma at Jenna's potluck dinner. Some talk about a blog was brought up with the above mentioned theme we are at a blog called "Eat and Be Mary".

A part of me is curious to see how long this blog will last. But life's full of change right now, and perhaps the best thing to do is write about it until it becomes calm and consistent again...or until my laziness kicks in (I'd place my bets on the latter happening first.).

With food being a big part of my life (more specifically the love of my life at this current moment), I'll take this blog as a daily opportunity to note a memorable food item from the day and write about the happenings surrounding it.

For instance:

Today, I was all about these Bobby O's Garlic Pita Chips. From my Boston weekend, I picked up a bag while I was snacking my way through the Boston Local Food Festival ( I travelled with this thing as if it was my newborn baby, cradling it in my arms through security check points and making sure the possibility of chips crushing was at a minimal risk. Of course, I didn't expect to plow right through them all the next day.

But there's a lot on my mind to reason why I polished a whole bag on my own:
- My ex-boyfriend messaged me at work today. I panicked, not really sure how to interact with him post-breakup. This was when I ripped open the bag.
- There's a new bossman at work. Am I worried about my job? Yes. Am I not too thrilled about the possibility of change? You got it. I think I ate 20 chips in 5 minutes at this point.
- I have a crush. And let's just leave it at that. I'm a fool, and by this time there are crumbs all over my chin and J. Crew outlet argyle sweater.

It's this type of emotional eating you'll be subjected to for an undetermined amount of time. Do you have enough TUMS to get you through it?

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