I'm a firm believer that food is the best "people-connector." Whether they're friends, family, or even complete strangers, food has the power to bring people together, even if it's just for a brief moment, like:

- An awkward date when the meal was the best part

- A walk through a farmer's market where you're meeting your community for the first time

- Or a brunch with complete strangers and an inspirational speaker, which I did earlier this month

In an attempt to find new ways to meet others through food, I stumbled across Women Who Brunch, a monthly brunch series striving to build a community of women "over the most important meal of the week." (Amen, sisters.) Through this monthly brunch, attendees get the opportunity to network with other kick-ass women and take away some valuable lessons from inspiring speakers.

This month, I had the honor of meeting Hannah Brencher, founder of The World Needs More Love Letters - a global organization with a simple message: This world needs more love. In addition to using the wonders of social media, its powerful main vehicle - the handwritten letter - is what primarily delivers words of kindness and encouragement, written by strangers for strangers.

In a group of no more than 12 ladies at The Penrose, we met and learned about how even the simplest actions, like writing a letter, can change a life, even our own. We were reminded of how we don't have to be completely perfect to make a difference in the world. And we were made to think about the legacy and life we wanted our own kids to remember us by one day. As I looked around the table, I saw women like myself, who were hungry not just for brunch but also for inspiration, encouragement, and community. Between bites of brunch goodness, we even got the chance to write love letters to ourselves and to complete strangers.

 Brunch of Choice: Scrambled Eggs w/ Cheddar and Spiced Beef

Hopefully, my love letter finds a good home.

I walked out of that brunch happily full, inspired, and feeling not so alone. I wish all brunches left me feeling that way.

Many thanks and love to Women Who Brunch and Hannah Brencher. Support their causes and eat more brunch!

Women Who Brunch

The World Needs More Love Letters

The Penrose (on 2nd Ave btw 82nd and 83rd)
(TIP: Get the scrambled eggs with cheddar and spiced beef. Baked eggs and avocado toast also looked scrumptious.)

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