It was Monday night. I had nothing better to do. The day was brutal and all I wanted to do was curl up on my couch...and eat pigs in a blanket...and mini quiche...and falafels...all of which were frozen in my freezer.

So, I decided to have a dinner purely consisting of appetizers. My friend Alyson was open-minded enough to join me and even brought frozen pizza and ice cream to keep along with the apparent "frozen food" theme. I have no shame in saying it: IT WAS AMAZING!

Personal pepperoni pizza, pigs in a blanket, quiche, falafels, and fried rice. 
Ranch dressing included.

Throw in a bottle of Riesling (twist cap, of course) and a few episodes of "Antique Roadshow" and you have MAGIC. Now, granted, I'm still feeling the consequences of this dinner in my belly. But the laughs and important lessons I learned from PBS (i.e. the uglier a painting, the higher the price), it was all worth it. 

Now I wonder what I kind of dinner I can make with the contents in my cupboard...

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  1. You know you were impressed with my Antique Roadshow knowledge!


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